Why you need to check your cottage and rural water supply.

The reality is that almost every water source is contaminated to some degree.
Some naturally, some by man-made chemicals introduced to the water table through industry, agriculture, leaking or poorly-constructed septic systems. However, water from deep, drilled wells is naturally filtered and is usually pure and free of biological contamination. Most surface waters (lakes and rivers) are generally significantly polluted and must be treated before drinking.

Contamination can occur from a variety of reasons including:

improper installation of well casings or caps
after a break in the casing
contaminated surface water entering the well
fractured bedrock without an adequate layer of protective soil

We can recommend a wide range of cottage or rural home water filtration systems, portable water purification systems and drinking water options. For most cottages, a water treatment system based on reverse osmosis is ideal.

In reality, there is no single filter or treatment that will eliminate every single contaminant from your water.

The bottom line is to choose a water well treatment system that specifically targets the known or potential contaminants in your cottage or rural home water supply.
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